David Wood

David Wood

Sales Consultant

David is passionate about property and it is a good fit with the local team at Drake.

David gets to combine his passion for property with his love of helping people achieve their property goals. As a true power seller, David keeps a big smile on his face. Why? He’s been there before and has dealt with a number of properties over as many years. He’s been where you are and not just looking on from the sidelines.

He’s good at what he does. David has not always been a registered real estate agent and has excelled at each of the things he has applied himself to. Real estate is a natural fit, he’s tenacious in his approach and has a genuine love of matching people with properties. David’s drive and his dedication to his clients is a winning mix.

Living in the local area, many people will already know David but if you don’t now is the time to say hello or call to see how he can help you with those property goals.